Brand new "NATS" process

IP Applique

Introducing the brand new "NATS" process, with the world's leading wrapping technology
which empowers décor trim with unprecedented magnificent appearance and rich 3D touch,
far exceeding the level of high-end quality products and redefining the high-end car interiors industry standard.

Obtaining more up-to-date parts

Traditional "IMD" Process

DP Applique

The IMD classic piano black together with brushed metal plating creates a perfect combination
which give a magnificent touch of a high-end product,
creating another benchmarking of high-end product in the automotive interior industry.


About Us

Shanghai Tongling Automotive Technologies, Inc is established on June 25, 2007. Tongling's core business is in the manufacturing and sale of DP Décor Applique, IP Driver and Passenger Décor applique, Cluster Trim Plate, Console Trim Plate and other decor trims. Besides manufacturing, Tongling also assists customers in product designs as well as capable of tool designs, offering technical solutions and optimized supply chain solutions to customers both domestically and globally.

  • Appearance

    Attraction from the beginning

  • Environmental Friendly

    Usage of environmental friendly materials

  • Durability

    Resistance to sun exposure or low temperature

Tonglingis capable of meeting all automotive trim needs and requirements.


Taking the technical innovation as the core Relying on technology research and development Adapting new processes and technologies Fully tapping new materials To promote the high-tech development of the industries To strengthen the innovation ability To realize the great development of our enterprises Grasp the new artery in the future of the industry And achieve unprecedented breakthrough.

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ISO14001 Certification

IATF16949 Certification

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